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The Business Information Center

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American Can Complex
2036 Lincoln Ave, #105
Ogden, Utah 84401

Ogden City’s Business Information Center (BIC) is a one-stop small-business information facility located in Ogden's Downtown Central Business District in the newly renovated American Can Complex. The BIC operates in partnership between Ogden City, Weber State University's Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE), and the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and other local partners to offer businesses located in Ogden, Utah the resources necessary to achieve growth and success.

The BIC hosts free, professional, one-on-one business consulting with SCORE, SBDC, and the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. These partners provide business counselors, workshops, and seminars. We also provide a number of computer workstations available to the public with easy-to-use software to assist clients in business-plan writing, business publications, marketing plans, and many other small-business-related topics.

We also provide businesses with access to a variety of financing options to assist in their endeavors to become successful. The BIC facilitates the Ogden City Small Business Loan Program, utilizing federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, city and state incentive programs, and general small-business financial advice and information.

Lastly, the BIC offers affordable office space, conference room, and classroom facilities for business training events, equipped with the latest high tech audio and visual equipment.

Whether you are a startup, a relocating or expanding business, or you have an idea and you need help getting started, Ogden City’s Business Information Center is the helping hand for your small business.

Small Business Loan Program

The Ogden City Small Business Loan Program is a federally funded economic development loan fund for businesses located in Ogden, Utah. The loan fund's objective is to create and retain existing jobs, to provide economic opportunities for low-to-moderate income Ogden residents, to stimulate the redevelopment of underutilized and deteriorated commercial property in Ogden, and to provide improved access to small-business loan financing to Ogden-based businesses. We are a “lender of last resort” and work with clients who do not qualify for traditional financing. Whether you are a startup or an existing business located in Ogden, and a bank is unable to assist you, Ogden City’s Small Business Loan Program may be able to help.

Use of Funds

  • Ogden City Small Business Loan proceeds can be used for a variety of project costs, including real estate acquisition, new construction, rehabilitation, equipment purchases, refinancing, and working capital.

Loan Terms

The interest rate, term, and amortization for the loan will be structured to allow for a reasonable rate of return to the investor(s) and adequate cash flow to service project debt, with the following stipulations:
  • Minimum Loan Amount: $5,000
  • Maximum Loan Amount: $90,000
  • Interest Rate: Up to 12% annual
  • Term of Payments: maximum 10 years, however subject to length of lease and/or life of improvements secured
  • Loan to Value Ratio: Up to 100%
  • Debt to Income Ratio: Up to 50%

For additional guidelines and criteria, please see our Program Guidelines.